About the organisers

All the organisers are PhD Psychology students at the University of Birmingham with interests in child and adolescent mental health.

Rosalind Baker

Rosalind Baker uses brain imaging techniques to study neural processes in adolescents with conduct disorder. She is particularly interested in how females with conduct disorder perceive and react to threat, and uses fMRI and DTI to investigate the neural substrates that are involved in these processes. She is supervised by Dr Stephane De Brito and Dr Pia Rotschtein.


Roberta Clanton

Roberta Clanton‘s doctoral research project is on the environmental and neurobiological factors implicated in female adolescents with Conduct Disorder. She is supervised by Dr Stephane De Brito and Prof Stephen Wood.



Kareen Heinze

Kareen Heinze is interested in the role of neuroimaging markers and markers of the stress system in the pathophysiology of mental disorders in adolescents and young adults. She plans to test and refine a clinical staging model that aims to predict transition and remission between stages by means of neurobiological markers. She is supervised by Prof Stephen Wood.



Antonios Christou is interested in the genetic and neural basis of developmental psychopathology in normal development. To achieve this he is utilizing electroencephalography (EEG) and eye-tracking techniques to derive functional brain-based endophenotypes and he is conducting genetic investigations to identify novel associations between genes, endophenotypes and behavior in young children.



Carmel Bennett is interested in eating behaviour during childhood and adolescence. Her work specifically explores the effects of impulsivity and stress on intake of mealtime foods and snacks in different paediatric age groups. This work involves experimental and observational research with children, adolescents and their parents.


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